A Cooking Adventure For Kids in Mexico


A trip to the Yucatan usually involves soaking up the sun in a lounge chair with a rather large drink in hand–unless you are vacationing with a child who never misses an opportunity to tell you that they are “b.o.r.e.d.” Hacienda Petac, a 250 acre restored estate located just outside of the city of Merida has come up with an activity that will keep you both entertained. For an extra $150 per child, per week, they’ve come up with a children’s cooking and adventure package.

The fun begins with a trip to the Mérida food market where the whole family is guided through the colorful fruits, vegetables and spices of the vibrant market. Exploring with our chef, children and parents help to collect the local ingredients needed for an iconic Yucatécan dish. Hint: it’s harder than you think! What’s pah-ch’uhuk? Ibes? Espalone?  Then, it’s off for a sightseeing excursion around Mérida’s central square and a mandatory stop at the sorbet shop.


After returning to the hacienda’s kitchen, mom and dad can relax in the jacuzzi while the aspiring chefs put on aprons and learn how to roll out tortillas, whip up a meal and desserts. The staff says that after they  do a A“Smash-Fest” of seeds, fruits or vegetables, junior cooks may be just a bit messy. Of course that’s all part of the fun.

The “adventure” part comes in when the kids learn to make kites and a piñatas There’s also a scavenger hunt to find buried Mayan treasures, scattered about the grounds. This all leaves adults plenty of time to order a second mojito!


by Julian Allason



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