Surf’s up on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Resort golf course

We had to share a photo of this surf board meets golf cart thats being used at the Mauna Kea Golf Course and Hapuna Golf Course on Hawaii Island called.GolfBoard®.  According to the resort the GolfBoard is an easy to use, individually driven platform allowing golfers to quickly navigate the undulating greens of a golf course much like a surfer stands and guides a surfboard on the ocean, or a snowboarder takes on fresh powder. Mauna Kea Resort’s courses are the first on Hawaii Island to offer GolfBoard and its fleet of 24 is the largest order of any course in Hawaii.
   “It’s land-based surfing,” said Josh Silliman, director of golf at Mauna Kea Resort. “With the introduction of GolfBoards, we hope to entice new, younger players to the game, as well as intrigue repeat golfers to the course.”
  There is a brake, four-wheel-drive, a gearbox for able hill climbing and automatic anti-rollback restraint, which keeps the board from rolling down hillsides while stopped. It runs on a  lithium-ion battery that is said to be able to last for all 18-holes. Kowabunga!
GolfBoard at Mauna Kea ResortGolfBoard at Mauna Kea Resort_ 2
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